McDonald’s Employee Hit with Car After Soda Theft

“Cody Morris and two friends allegedly took soda from the fountain without paying for it, but when McDonald’s branch employees in Springdale, Ark. instructed him to return the stolen property, he left the store to make a getaway in his car, the Sprindale Police Department says. Two employees then tried to detain Morris by standing behind his car, when he backed into one of them multiple times during a scuffle for the keys, according to authorities.”

The soda game is rough boyyyyyyy. This guy is gonna get to jail and have to be like, “I stole a coke” while everyone else is confessing to aggravated assault and murder. I’d be curious to see footage of the employee getting “backed into multiple times” because there is no indication they were ever injured. That’s either the lamest backing into or the most durable employee out there.