World’s Lamest Mob Rigs McDonald’s Monopoly Game; Nets $24 Mill

$24 million and a network of rigged game pieces. I can’t tell if this is badass or supremely lame. No telling how many free hamburgers and small orders of fries they bilked out of Ronald McDonald. Choads.

One day in 1989, at a family gathering in Miami, Jacobson slipped his step-brother, Marvin Braun, a game piece worth $25,000. “I don’t know if I just wanted to show him I could do something, or bragging,” Jacobson later admitted, but he just needed “to see if I could do it.” When his local butcher in Atlanta heard that Jacobson was in charge of the McDonald’s Monopoly prizes, he said he’d like to win a prize. Jacobson boasted that he could make it happen, but it would look too suspicious because they were friends and neighbors. The butcher offered to find a distant friend to claim a $10,000 prize, and gave Jacobson $2,000 for the stolen ticket. It was easy money.



Woman Chokes McDonald’s Worker, Shoves Head in Drink Machine

Lady didn’t get enough ketchup in her bag, so I guess when she went back in she was…seeing red…wakka wakka!

Police say Mayra Berenice Gallo, 24, had just finished ordering in the drive-thru of the McDonalds restaurant in Santa Ana, when she went into the restuarant through the employee entrance and began asking employees for more ketchup.
When the manager told Gallo she couldn’t be in the employee area of the restuarant, the woman allegedly became enraged, and “became combative,” pushing, and choking the employee, police said. Surveillance video showed the confrontation that included Gallo allegedly shoving the manager’s head into a drink machine.”


McDonald’s Employee Hit with Car After Soda Theft

“Cody Morris and two friends allegedly took soda from the fountain without paying for it, but when McDonald’s branch employees in Springdale, Ark. instructed him to return the stolen property, he left the store to make a getaway in his car, the Sprindale Police Department says. Two employees then tried to detain Morris by standing behind his car, when he backed into one of them multiple times during a scuffle for the keys, according to authorities.”

The soda game is rough boyyyyyyy. This guy is gonna get to jail and have to be like, “I stole a coke” while everyone else is confessing to aggravated assault and murder. I’d be curious to see footage of the employee getting “backed into multiple times” because there is no indication they were ever injured. That’s either the lamest backing into or the most durable employee out there.


Young Moron Arrested After Posting Moronic McDonald’s Facebook Video

This guy isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer if you know what I mean…


“18 year old from Niles is facing serious charges after he began waving a gun inside the downtown McDonald’s Tuesday night.

WKBN has obtained the video, posted on Facebook, which led police straight to him.

Justin Riley posted that video while he was eating at the McDonald’s in Niles. When police arrived, he was still inside.

“I had to stop at McDonald’s and charge a n**** phone. Grab some grub, bro,” Riley said in the video.

Moments after Riley posted the video, police got a call from a concerned individual. Fearing for the safety of the patrons and staff of the McDonald’s, police rushed to the store. Riley was still there.The video police obtained from Riley’s Facebook page shows him inside near the rear of the restaurant around 9 p.m. Tuesday.It’s not clear who he is talking to, but Riley can be seen repeatedly using racial slurs. At the end of the speech, Riley grabs a gun and points it at the camera.
“Things can turn bad,” Niles Police Captain Ken Criswell said. “You can get in a fight, somebody pulls a gun out, and before you know it, you have somebody shot. We are thankful to whoever it was that called it in to us.”Criswell said that police found a black Cobra Utah 380 pistol on Riley. The gun still had four live rounds inside. Riley had just turned 18 on April 1.“A week earlier, it would have been a juvenile, now it’s a whole different ball game for him,” Criswell said. “He has some serious issues to face now.”Authorities arraigned Riley Wednesday morning on a felony charge of carrying a concealed weapon. He posted bond and is out of jail. But he could face additional charges.

Teen Beaten By Gang at McDonald’s Basks in Internet Fame

Pretty soon stores will be stocking Brawndo the Thirst Mutilator…


“FLATBUSH, Brooklyn (PIX11) – The 15-year-old girl seen in cellphone video getting beaten by a gang of teens inside a Brooklyn McDonald’s seems to be basking in her new-found Internet fame.

The teen, who was treated and released from a hospital for injuries she sustained in the savage Monday afternoon beating, has taken to her Facebook page to refute claims she was ever injured at all. “WHAT TWO BLACK EYES I HAVE THE NEWSPAPER IS A LIER [sic] &MY GRANDMA NEVER TALKED TO THESE PEOPLE,” the girl wrote, referring to a New York Daily News Report.

She also commented that her “11s” looked “gucci” during the melee, which means in teen vernacular that her Jordan sneakers looked good. The teen, thanked the dozens of people who said she’s “famous now,” and even posted a screenshot of the video posted to rapper Lil Durk’s Instagram page.”

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Customer Arrested for Flashing McDonald’s Employees

Not even sure how this sounds like it would be a good idea. One thing to think about is that out of all ideas this guy had, this was the one that beat out the rest. I wonder what the ones were that didn’t make the cut?


“NEWVILLE — A Mineral Point man was arrested for exposing his genitals to employees at a McDonald’s Restaurant in Newville on Sunday.

Deputies from the Rock County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint from employees at the McDonald’s at 11117 N Goede Road that a male had exposed himself as he paid for and received his food order while going through the restaurant’s drive-through.

Employees were able to provide deputies with a description of the vehicle and the vehicle’s registration. They matched that of several previous incidents similar in nature dating back to September of 2014.

In the previous incidents, a male would order the same item, and as he paid the cashier and received his item, he would have his genitals exposed and in view of the female employees working the drive-through windows.

These incidents happened once a month around the same time of the month, but went unreported to law enforcement for several months.

Deputies have been investigating these prior incidents once they were reported, but due to a lack of a vehicle make/model or registration or useable surveillance video, identifying the vehicle and/or suspect has proven difficult.

With the information given by the employees Sunday, Rock County Deputies were able to identify the registered owner of the vehicle, who was identified as Derik Cree, 27, of Mineral Point. Deputies were able to make contact with Cree, who admitted to exposing his genitals at the McDonald’s on Sunday.

After further questioning, Cree also admitted to exposing his genitals during the several previously reported incidents. During some of these incidents, the female employees who Cree exposed his genitals to were under the age of 18.

Cree was taken into custody and transported to the Rock County Jail and booked on two counts of exposing genitals, pubic area, or intimate parts to a child, a felony, and four counts of lewd and lascivious behavior, a misdemeanor.

Cree was to appear in court today, Monday, Feb. 9.”


Suspected Rapist ID’d by McDonald’s Uniform, Work Schedule

I’m trying to figure out how they got on the topic of his work schedule…still have got nothing…

From CBS:

“GREENACRES (CBS12) — Fedline Pierrelus of Lake Worth faced a judge Thursday morning.

Police say back in January, Pierrelus followed a woman walking home on Jog Road in Greenacres and forced her into the woods where he’s accused of raping her.

The victim told investigators the man who attacked her was wearing McDonald’s work clothes at the time of the attack, and before raping her mentioned he worked at a nearby location.

Police say the tracked Pierrelus down by making a photo lineup of McDonald’s workers in the area, the victim identified the attacker.

Pierrelus is being held in the palm beach county jail on a $100,000 bond.”

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