Kid Says No to Being Peed on at McDonald’s

Good on him…or…not on him…who asks this to people?

From ABC:

“HOUSTON — Montgomery County, Texas, detectives are investigating a bizarre encounter in a McDonald’s bathroom that traumatized a little boy.

For the May family, a quick stop for dinner on a busy school night turned into quite the wake up call.

“Although I completely believed my son and every word he said, it still didn’t feel real in that moment,” Diane Stoebner-May said.

It started with a trip to the bathroom. Christopher is nine years old and didn’t want to go into the lady’s restroom with his mom. His sister Tori waited for him outside the men’s bathroom until he came out.

“Christopher, he was standing there, he was crying — and I was like, ‘What’s wrong? What’s wrong? Tell me!'” Tori May said.

“He just followed me into the stall and locked the door and said ‘Get on the toilet so I can pee on you.’ And I said no. And I kept saying no,” Christopher said.

A young man cornered little Christopher in the bathroom stall and repeatedly told him he wanted to urinate on the boy.

“You know I was so shocked when my son was telling me this,” Stoebner-May said. “This individual had to know there was a parent pretty close – in the restaurant. I mean, it’s McDonald’s, it’s not a huge place.”

The man got away that night, but Stoebner-May immediately filed a police report. Officers combed through surveillance video at that McDonald’s but wouldn’t let us view it yet because the case is still open.

After our phone calls, police tell us they’ve identified and interviewed the suspect, and he’s been in trouble before.

Stoebner-May says Christopher will now be accompanied to bathrooms by his dad. She wanted to share this story as a warning to other parents.

“My son told him no. But it made me worry about – is he looking for another child? What would’ve happened if it would’ve been a younger kid who didn’t know how to handle that situation?” Stoebner-May said.

The owner of that McDonald’s didn’t want to comment, citing an open investigation.”



Hero Breaks Up Literal Custody Battle at McDonald’s

Someone call Maury!


“(Des Moines Register) — A good Samaritan flashed a pistol to stop two people from fighting over a child at a McDonald’s on Sunday.

Police arrived at McDonald’s, 701 Army Post Road, around 1:20 p.m. on a report of an assault. Two parents were in a “tug-of-war” over their 1-year-old outside the restaurant, according to a police report.

The mother told police at first that she had court documents proving she had custody of her son, but agreed to meet the father for a visitation. After about 30 minutes, the mother tried to leave the restaurant with her son in her arms, the report stated.

The father reportedly ran up behind her, pinning her against the glass to prevent her from leaving. She could feel a knife that was in his pocket, the report stated.

That’s when another man, who was walking into McDonald’s, intervened. He saw a man put his hands on the woman and pulled out a pistol, pointing it at the ground.”

The man had military experience and described himself as a “good Samaritan” who was concerned a physical assault was taking place, the report stated. He had a permit to carry concealed weapons.

The man talked the two parents down, and the woman walked away with the child. The father got into a car and left the scene.

Police located the father, who said he has had custody of the son since he was 12 days old and denied the custody order existed. The two were at McDonald’s so he could visit with his son, but the mother suddenly walked off with him, the father told police.
The suspect admitted that he tried to stop her and grabbed at his son, but that he had no intent of assaulting either of them.

The mother later told police she had found the court order for custody of her child and that she wasn’t sure whether the man was even the father. She told police the man tried to “kidnap” her son.

No charges have been filed because there were no visible injuries and police have yet to reach all witnesses to the incident, the report stated.”


Controversy Continues Over Fake Halal McDonald’s Meat



“You might remember McDonald’s being in the hot seat back in 2013 for the meat used in their menu. The controversy surrounding continuously this titan franchise is in regards to the meat’s origin, and just how HALAL it is. McDonald’s has now opened its “Labs” doors to the media to put an end, once and for all, to this controversy.

MCDONALD’S has declared that the suspicions rose originally from outside Morocco. “The issue is not exclusive to Morocco, but to most Muslim countries,” said Ouassila El Bakkali, corporate communication manager. According to Miss El Bakkali, not all the ingredients used by the franchise come from abroad, it’s a 50/50 deal; Onions, tomatoes and bread are all from Morocco. ”Even the miller is from Morocco,”confirms Miss El Bakkali. Save the day, Ouassila. Save the day. But can we draw your attention back to the real issue here, The Meat.

Back in 2013, in the midst of a major attack that McDonald’s faced by modern times’ most fearful: “Netizens”, the franchise’s Facebook page was overflowing with questions in regards of the origin of the meat in the country’s restaurants. Yet, McDonald’s gave no replies, leaving suspicions grow and develop into assumptions for about 3 months. “This controversy went viral around the time our online service was under construction. And because we did not want to make of this page our official portal for statements, we were trying to come up with the best way to issue one. This is why we decided to wait and do it on our web site, which is more representative of our image as a Multinational corporation”, explains Mr. Abdellah Bnaiche, Brand strategy vice president.

Back again to tackling the issue here, the meat is actually certified from Spain by the Instituto Halal under the surpervision of the Islamic council of Spain, and it comes also from Argentina from the Halal Catering Argentin under the supervision of the Islamic center of Argentina [CIRA]. According to, the information collected from the Spanish organization website says that its certification is authorized in 18 different countries, including Morocco [Ministry of Health] and the UAE.

After laying down all these clarification, this should inspire some comfort as countries such as Indonesia tend to be very strict in regards to their standards towards Halal meat. However, Moroccans seem yet with very little faith in McDonald’s, and still think [according to a common agreement among Netizens at least] that the meat is not all Halal. “We are planning another visit around the end of this year to Spain, in order to put an end to this”, said Miss El Bakkali referring to the press trip organized back in 2009 to McDonald’s meat supplier’s slaughterhouse in Spain.”


Drunk Arrested for Wanking in McDonald’s Bathroom

What the H?


“Man arrested after children caught him exposing himself in McDonald’s bathroom, deputies said
Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a man who was reportedly masturbating in a McDonald’s bathroom in front of two children.

Deputies said just after 4 p.m. Monday, they got a call from a McDonald’s customer about a drunk and unruly man. After a deputy responded to the store, at 1775 N. Military Trail in suburban West Palm Beach, he found Dario Rubiera Jr., 48, who was drunk, according to an arrest report.

Rubiera told the deputy he was just getting water and was going to catch a bus home, according to the arrest report. The deputy told Rubiera to head home, got in his patrol car and started doing paperwork when the McDonald’s manager called 911 again.

This time, she said, Rubiera was in the bathroom and masturbating, according to the report.

Two children, who were eating at the restaurant with their mom, went into the bathroom and saw Rubiera, according to the report. They told their mother and she also went into the bathroom, and then complained to the manager.

Rubiera is charged with lewd or lascivious exhibition, and is being held in the Palm Beach County Jail without bail.”