Customer Arrested for Flashing McDonald’s Employees

Not even sure how this sounds like it would be a good idea. One thing to think about is that out of all ideas this guy had, this was the one that beat out the rest. I wonder what the ones were that didn’t make the cut?


“NEWVILLE — A Mineral Point man was arrested for exposing his genitals to employees at a McDonald’s Restaurant in Newville on Sunday.

Deputies from the Rock County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint from employees at the McDonald’s at 11117 N Goede Road that a male had exposed himself as he paid for and received his food order while going through the restaurant’s drive-through.

Employees were able to provide deputies with a description of the vehicle and the vehicle’s registration. They matched that of several previous incidents similar in nature dating back to September of 2014.

In the previous incidents, a male would order the same item, and as he paid the cashier and received his item, he would have his genitals exposed and in view of the female employees working the drive-through windows.

These incidents happened once a month around the same time of the month, but went unreported to law enforcement for several months.

Deputies have been investigating these prior incidents once they were reported, but due to a lack of a vehicle make/model or registration or useable surveillance video, identifying the vehicle and/or suspect has proven difficult.

With the information given by the employees Sunday, Rock County Deputies were able to identify the registered owner of the vehicle, who was identified as Derik Cree, 27, of Mineral Point. Deputies were able to make contact with Cree, who admitted to exposing his genitals at the McDonald’s on Sunday.

After further questioning, Cree also admitted to exposing his genitals during the several previously reported incidents. During some of these incidents, the female employees who Cree exposed his genitals to were under the age of 18.

Cree was taken into custody and transported to the Rock County Jail and booked on two counts of exposing genitals, pubic area, or intimate parts to a child, a felony, and four counts of lewd and lascivious behavior, a misdemeanor.

Cree was to appear in court today, Monday, Feb. 9.”



Kid Says No to Being Peed on at McDonald’s

Good on him…or…not on him…who asks this to people?

From ABC:

“HOUSTON — Montgomery County, Texas, detectives are investigating a bizarre encounter in a McDonald’s bathroom that traumatized a little boy.

For the May family, a quick stop for dinner on a busy school night turned into quite the wake up call.

“Although I completely believed my son and every word he said, it still didn’t feel real in that moment,” Diane Stoebner-May said.

It started with a trip to the bathroom. Christopher is nine years old and didn’t want to go into the lady’s restroom with his mom. His sister Tori waited for him outside the men’s bathroom until he came out.

“Christopher, he was standing there, he was crying — and I was like, ‘What’s wrong? What’s wrong? Tell me!'” Tori May said.

“He just followed me into the stall and locked the door and said ‘Get on the toilet so I can pee on you.’ And I said no. And I kept saying no,” Christopher said.

A young man cornered little Christopher in the bathroom stall and repeatedly told him he wanted to urinate on the boy.

“You know I was so shocked when my son was telling me this,” Stoebner-May said. “This individual had to know there was a parent pretty close – in the restaurant. I mean, it’s McDonald’s, it’s not a huge place.”

The man got away that night, but Stoebner-May immediately filed a police report. Officers combed through surveillance video at that McDonald’s but wouldn’t let us view it yet because the case is still open.

After our phone calls, police tell us they’ve identified and interviewed the suspect, and he’s been in trouble before.

Stoebner-May says Christopher will now be accompanied to bathrooms by his dad. She wanted to share this story as a warning to other parents.

“My son told him no. But it made me worry about – is he looking for another child? What would’ve happened if it would’ve been a younger kid who didn’t know how to handle that situation?” Stoebner-May said.

The owner of that McDonald’s didn’t want to comment, citing an open investigation.”


Drunk Arrested for Wanking in McDonald’s Bathroom

What the H?


“Man arrested after children caught him exposing himself in McDonald’s bathroom, deputies said
Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a man who was reportedly masturbating in a McDonald’s bathroom in front of two children.

Deputies said just after 4 p.m. Monday, they got a call from a McDonald’s customer about a drunk and unruly man. After a deputy responded to the store, at 1775 N. Military Trail in suburban West Palm Beach, he found Dario Rubiera Jr., 48, who was drunk, according to an arrest report.

Rubiera told the deputy he was just getting water and was going to catch a bus home, according to the arrest report. The deputy told Rubiera to head home, got in his patrol car and started doing paperwork when the McDonald’s manager called 911 again.

This time, she said, Rubiera was in the bathroom and masturbating, according to the report.

Two children, who were eating at the restaurant with their mom, went into the bathroom and saw Rubiera, according to the report. They told their mother and she also went into the bathroom, and then complained to the manager.

Rubiera is charged with lewd or lascivious exhibition, and is being held in the Palm Beach County Jail without bail.”


Alleged Serial Wanker Busted Wanking in Front of Kids in McDonald’s Restroom

Gahhh, even the soap probably feels dirty in that bathroom…


“New Jersey man who was arrested last week for allegedly masturbating in front of a boy inside a McDonald’s restroom is facing new charges after three more victims stepped forward to report similar cases to police.
Gregory Rittman, 49, was initially arrested on Friday, Oct. 24, after an 8-year-old boy reported witnessing the lewd behavior near the sink at a McDonald’s on Route 35 in Freehold, according to the Monmouth County prosecutor’s office.

Rittman, of Howell, was charged with sex assault, child endangerment and lewdness, then released after posting $73,000 bail, the prosecutor’s office said.

Since then, three additional victims ranging in age from 6 to 8 went to police to describe witnessing similar lewd acts in public restrooms over the last year, officials said.”

More at source:

Creeper Nude from Waist Down Creepily Sits Near McDonald’s Restroom, is Creepy

Who says romance is dead?

From CBS:

“NEW CASTLE (KDKA) – A man already facing open lewdness charges was arrested on similar charges for allegedly exposing himself inside a Lawrence County McDonald’s in June.

According to police, the incident happened at the restaurant in New Castle on June 24.

When police were called to the restaurant, a woman inside said a man was sitting near the restroom and was not wearing pants. As she walked by the man, he spread his legs to expose his genitals.

The suspect in the case has been identified as Preston Sager, 47, of New Castle. He was arrested on Aug. 30, in connection with another case.

Previously, Sager was wanted on open lewdness, resisting arrest and indecent exposure charges stemming from a Beaver County library.

Police say their investigation started with a phone call from a library employee in Beaver County, who reportedly saw Sager exposing himself in the library.

“He had about 30 videos of our library,” said Officer Wijnen-Riems. “He would stick a camera underneath the desk that he was sitting at, across from somebody and videotape their private parts, their stomach, their legs, women with skirts on. Some of the pictures were young girls, you could tell by the clothing.”

Detectives say once confronted, Sager admitted to lewd behavior.

“He said, ‘I have a problem.’ He said, ‘I had no clothes on, I was trying to get her attention,” Officer Wijnen-Riems said. “I said, “You are going to be arrested for that.” He said, “Okay, do what you need to do.’”

While in custody, police determined Sager was also the suspect in the McDonald’s incident. He was picked out of a lineup on Sept. 5, by two separate witnesses.

Sager is facing a list of charges including, corruption of minors, indecent exposure and open lewdness.”


Insanely Creepy Guy Stalks McDonald’s Worker

All he wanted was her buns…


“Bardstown Police arrested a convicted sex offender Thursday on charges he stalked a 19-year-old female employee at McDonald’s for the past several weeks.

According to police, Johnny Dean Johnson, 50, of Bardstown, who is a registered sex offender and has a previous stalking charge, would hang out at McDonald’s for hours at a time, follow the female employee outside when she took a break and even tried to follow her home at times.

Bardstown Police Detective Lynn Davis noted that the employee had to take alternative routes home to lose Johnson in traffic.

Thursday morning, McDonald’s reported a suspicious male with binoculars in a black 2001 Pontiac car parked near the dumpster and wooded area of the restaurant’s parking lot.

Police found a baseball bat, a folding knife, a wooden stick and a roll of duct tape in Johnson’s vehicle at the scene Thursday. They found the binoculars by his feet.

When Lynn Davis approached the vehicle, Johnson pretended to be asleep.

Johnson initially told police he was waiting to meet someone for work, then changed his story and said he was waiting to meet someone to go to Florida, Davis said. He then changed his story for a third time and told police he was just there to use the wi-fi.

A manager at McDonald’s declined to comment on the arrest Friday.

The 19-year-old employee told police Johnson had been following her when she would leave work. She also said Johnson would enter the restaurant, purchase one item off the dollar menu and remain in the store for hours.

When she would go on break and go outside, Johnson would follow her and act as if he was on his cell phone, Davis said.

Davis said the woman does not know Johnson.

“She said he is a total stranger,” Davis said, noting that Johnson had tried to speak with the employee briefly before.

According to Davis, a no trespass order has been issued against Johnson, who now has to stay off McDonald’s property.

Johnson’s vehicle was also impounded at the scene Thursday.

Davis said Johnson is on the lifetime sexual offender registry, has a previous stalking charge and an extensive criminal record.

Johnson lives at 209 Honeysuckle Lane, according to the Kentucky State Police sex offender registry and the police citation written after Thursday’s arrest.

According to the registry, the offenses that required Johnson to register as a sex offender were two counts of first-degree sexual abuse and unlawful confinement. The victim was 33.

Among the other charges on his six-page criminal history are two counts of first-degree stalking, violation of an emergency protective order, terroristic threatening, second-degree forgery, first-degree criminal mischief, theft by unlawful taking, first-degree wanton endangerment (police officer) and convicted felon in possession of a handgun.

Johnson was arrested Thursday and lodged in the Nelson County Jail on a $10,000 cash bond. As of Friday afternoon, he was still behind bars.

He is being charged with second-degree stalking and failure of owner to maintain required insurance.

Johnson was arraigned on those charges in Nelson District Court Friday.

The investigation is ongoing. Bardstown Police request that anyone with information about the incident call 348-6811.”


Man Diddles Kid in McDonald’s Bathroom

From ABC:

A Central Falls man has been charged with 2nd degree child molestation in Pawtucket.

Richardo Florez was arrested Thursday and has been arraigned in Providence District Court.

The 47-year-old is accused of molesting the 13-year-old boy in the Armistice Blvd McDonald’s bathroom.

Florez was arrested Thursday while riding a bike, based on the victim’s description and restaurant surveillance footage.

The victim was able to identify a specific item that the suspect wearing.