Total Choad at McDonald’s Narcs on Woman with Awesome Service Animal Kangaroo

Who called the cops? Stalin!?


“BEAVER DAM, Wis. (AP) — A Beaver Dam police officer says he’s certain he’s never responded to a call like the one he handled recently at a McDonald’s restaurant.

Officer Rich Dahl responded to an anonymous complaint from a customer about a woman who brought a kangaroo into McDonald’s. Dahl said Tuesday the woman had the baby kangaroo wrapped in a blanket and tucked in an infant car seat.

Dahl says when he confronted the woman she explained the kangaroo was a service animal to help her cope with emotional distress and she produced a letter from a doctor.

The officer says the woman was upset at first, but then agreed to leave the restaurant.

McDonald’s says its policy is to make its restaurants accessible to all customers, including those with disabilities and special needs.”



VIDEO LINK: Drunk Girls Arrested for Flipping Out at McDonald’s

Summary: A car full of drunk chicks get out of their vehicle and start smacking on the drive thru window because the McDonald’s staff doesn’t want anything to do with them. They must really want their fast food because they amp up their drunken slurring/yelling quite a bit before talking to the car of guys behind them which they seem to know. The staff calls the cops and of course the car full of drunks start arguing with them (one is even holding a beer and waving it around). Long story short, while extracting the most visibly drunk chick who starts shouting, “I’m pregnant”, it’s sort of unclear whether the cop smacks her head on the ground or she does it herself while flipping out. Either way she’s just passed out on the ground which freaks the guys filming out and they finally drive off.

See for yourself, click the link. NSFW language:

Kid Throws McDonald’s Burgers and Rocks at Cars, Mom Charged

They should’ve arrested that kid…


“A Dauphin County woman was criminally charged Tuesday after state police said she failed to watch over her 2-year-old son, who was reportedly found throwing a variety of items at passing cars on a busy Elizabethville street.

The items the boy threw included a burger, shake and fries from McDonald’s, state police said. Other items were reportedly rocks, a pack of Newport cigarettes and a clothes hanger.

Jasmin Gueits, 36, the boy’s mother, was charged with a misdemeanor count of endangering the welfare of a child, state police said. Court records also show that Gueits was charged Tuesday with two summary offenses — driving with a suspended license and restrictions on alcoholic beverages in a vehicle.

State police received a report of the boy on Callowhill Street after a motorist called 911 and said the boy threw a rock at his car. He stopped to check on the boy, at which point he saw Gueits passed out inside her home, state police said.

Gueits as of Wednesday morning did not have a preliminary court hearing scheduled.”


Old Man Throws Coffee at McDonald’s Manager, Cops Called

Calls cops, no charges pressed. Makes sense. No one scuffs the non-slips, no one!


“A manager working at the McDonald’s restaurant on Ford, west of Sheldon, summoned police after an irate customer threw coffee at him before leaving the restaurant.

The customer, described as a white male in his 60s, also reportedly told the employee to “get out of my country, you don’t belong here,” a police report said.

The incident happened about 11 a.m. Saturday. The 49-year-old manager said the suspect wasn’t happy with his coffee and began yelling at a worker who had given it to him. The suspect threw the coffee and made the disparaging remarks after he was asked to leave.

The manager said the coffee landed on his shoe. He said the suspect left and got into a silver sport utility vehicle. He told police he didn’t wish to press charges.”


Guy Gets Run Over at McDonald’s, Order Stolen

There’s no such thing as a free lunch…


“NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A driver struck a man in a McDonald’s drive-thru lane in Queens, then backed up over him to retrieve a food order before fleeing, witnesses said.

The bizarre incident happened early Saturday morning at the McDonald’s on Merrick Boulevard near 244th Street in Laurelton, 1010 WINS’ Derricke Dennis reported.

“It’s pretty messed up,” a cashier at the restaurant said.

“Yeah, just to get their food. Yeah, that is some heartless stuff right there,” the employee continued.

It happened so fast that workers didn’t get a look at the car or the license plate. They were more concerned about the 48-year-old victim, who was left in critical condition with severe injuries after being rushed to Jamaica Hospital.

Witnesses say the victim appeared to be intoxicated before falling and being run over.

The NYPD is still searching for the driver and checking surveillance video.”


Drunk Lady at McDonald’s Loves Kicking Things

This is one of the first reports I’ve read where they don’t list a provocation. Either they left that part out or she she showed up ready to rumble.


“A Sebring woman was arrested on felony charges early Tuesday morning after police say she spit on a restaurant drive-through window and then fought with police and hospital staff.

Gainesville Police Department officers were called to the McDonald’s at 201 NW 13th St. in response to a woman who was yelling at restaurant employees and spitting on a service window, according to a GPD report. When officers arrived, they came upon 20-year-old Sarah Benevides, who appeared intoxicated and was still yelling into the restaurant.

A GPD officer warned Benevides to leave or face arrest for trespassing, but she refused. The officer tried to place handcuffs on the woman, but she repeatedly pulled away her hands, the report states.

The officer “placed” Benevides to the ground after repeated failed attempts to handcuff her, the report states, and she then refused to stand up.

It took several other officers to bring her to a patrol car, and, at one point, she kicked one of them twice in the legs, the report states.

Benevides suffered a cut to her chin during the struggle with officers, and she appeared very intoxicated, so she was taken by ambulance to UF Health Shands Hospital, according to GPD. There she also kicked and spit on doctors and nurses.

Benevides “had to be sedated in order to be treated,” the report states.

Benevides faces one count of battery on a law enforcement officer and three counts of battery on an emergency medical care provider, according to GPD. She also faces misdemeanor charges of resisting arrest without violence and trespassing.

As of late morning, Benevides remained in the hospital, according to Officer Ben Tobias, a GPD spokesman.”


Cops Make Movie-like McBust in Boston

This is some Jack Bauer type unfolding of events.


“Two masked men stormed into the McDonald’s restaurant across from the Boston Common early Thursday, tied up two employees and were rushing out the back door with stolen cash and a sawed off shotgun – when Boston police officers arrested them at gunpoint, authorities said.

One of the men was armed with a sawed-off shotgun, Boston Police spokesman Sergeant Michael McCarthy said Thursday.

According to police, the dramatic robbery started around 12:15 a.m. when the two masked men rushed into the restaurant and seized control of the employees, who were then tied up by the the thieves, police said.

McCarthy said three Boston police officers responded to a report of an armed robbery in progress at the McDonald’s restaurant at 146 Tremont St.

“One officer goes to the rear alley and two officers went to the front door. As the officers pulled up, the suspects were going out the back door,” said McCarthy.

McCarthy said the two suspects were arrested at gunpoint, and that arresting officers seized a sawed-off shotgun from one of the men.

He said investigators were trying to determine if the two suspects were linked to an armed robbery at the same restaurant several weeks ago.

The two suspects. whose names were not immediately released, are scheduled to be arraigned Thursday on armed robbery and other charges in Boston Municipal Court Thursday.”