Customer Arrested for Flashing McDonald’s Employees

Not even sure how this sounds like it would be a good idea. One thing to think about is that out of all ideas this guy had, this was the one that beat out the rest. I wonder what the ones were that didn’t make the cut?


“NEWVILLE — A Mineral Point man was arrested for exposing his genitals to employees at a McDonald’s Restaurant in Newville on Sunday.

Deputies from the Rock County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint from employees at the McDonald’s at 11117 N Goede Road that a male had exposed himself as he paid for and received his food order while going through the restaurant’s drive-through.

Employees were able to provide deputies with a description of the vehicle and the vehicle’s registration. They matched that of several previous incidents similar in nature dating back to September of 2014.

In the previous incidents, a male would order the same item, and as he paid the cashier and received his item, he would have his genitals exposed and in view of the female employees working the drive-through windows.

These incidents happened once a month around the same time of the month, but went unreported to law enforcement for several months.

Deputies have been investigating these prior incidents once they were reported, but due to a lack of a vehicle make/model or registration or useable surveillance video, identifying the vehicle and/or suspect has proven difficult.

With the information given by the employees Sunday, Rock County Deputies were able to identify the registered owner of the vehicle, who was identified as Derik Cree, 27, of Mineral Point. Deputies were able to make contact with Cree, who admitted to exposing his genitals at the McDonald’s on Sunday.

After further questioning, Cree also admitted to exposing his genitals during the several previously reported incidents. During some of these incidents, the female employees who Cree exposed his genitals to were under the age of 18.

Cree was taken into custody and transported to the Rock County Jail and booked on two counts of exposing genitals, pubic area, or intimate parts to a child, a felony, and four counts of lewd and lascivious behavior, a misdemeanor.

Cree was to appear in court today, Monday, Feb. 9.”



Suspected Rapist ID’d by McDonald’s Uniform, Work Schedule

I’m trying to figure out how they got on the topic of his work schedule…still have got nothing…

From CBS:

“GREENACRES (CBS12) — Fedline Pierrelus of Lake Worth faced a judge Thursday morning.

Police say back in January, Pierrelus followed a woman walking home on Jog Road in Greenacres and forced her into the woods where he’s accused of raping her.

The victim told investigators the man who attacked her was wearing McDonald’s work clothes at the time of the attack, and before raping her mentioned he worked at a nearby location.

Police say the tracked Pierrelus down by making a photo lineup of McDonald’s workers in the area, the victim identified the attacker.

Pierrelus is being held in the palm beach county jail on a $100,000 bond.”

Video at source:

Chairs Fly at Rock n Roll McDonald’s

Video at source. I can’t take this seriously because all that plays in my head is the Wesley Willis song, “Rock n Roll McDonald’s.”

“A quarter pounder will put pounds on you”


“(STMW) — A fight broke out in the early hours of Saturday at the well-known Rock ‘n’ Roll McDonald’s in River North, police say.

Cell phone footage — purportedly of the fight — was posted online by an anonymous source later Saturday. It shows a group of men viciously beating another man with an aluminum chair inside what appears to be the tourist hotspot in the 600 block of North Clark, the Sun-Times is reporting.

The distinctive chairs are of a designer style used at the Rock n’ Roll McDonalds, and the restaurant’s escalator can also be seen in the video.

Chicago Police News Affairs Officer Hector Alfaro confirmed that police were called about 1 a.m. to a fight at the restaurant. But police haven’t reviewed the video because “there was minor property damage and no injuries reported, so there is no further ongoing investigation,” Alfaro said.

An unspecified number of people involved in the fight ran away before officers arrived, Alfaro said.

No one was taken to a hospital from the restaurant but there was minor property damage, Alfaro said.

Police said the fight wasn’t connected to another large fight involving at least 30 people at Navy Pier at about 7:45 p.m. Friday evening. Five people were arrested for reckless conduct and a pregnant female was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries after that fight, according police and fire officials.”


VIDEO LINK: Drunk Girls Arrested for Flipping Out at McDonald’s

Summary: A car full of drunk chicks get out of their vehicle and start smacking on the drive thru window because the McDonald’s staff doesn’t want anything to do with them. They must really want their fast food because they amp up their drunken slurring/yelling quite a bit before talking to the car of guys behind them which they seem to know. The staff calls the cops and of course the car full of drunks start arguing with them (one is even holding a beer and waving it around). Long story short, while extracting the most visibly drunk chick who starts shouting, “I’m pregnant”, it’s sort of unclear whether the cop smacks her head on the ground or she does it herself while flipping out. Either way she’s just passed out on the ground which freaks the guys filming out and they finally drive off.

See for yourself, click the link. NSFW language:

Drunk Lady at McDonald’s Loves Kicking Things

This is one of the first reports I’ve read where they don’t list a provocation. Either they left that part out or she she showed up ready to rumble.


“A Sebring woman was arrested on felony charges early Tuesday morning after police say she spit on a restaurant drive-through window and then fought with police and hospital staff.

Gainesville Police Department officers were called to the McDonald’s at 201 NW 13th St. in response to a woman who was yelling at restaurant employees and spitting on a service window, according to a GPD report. When officers arrived, they came upon 20-year-old Sarah Benevides, who appeared intoxicated and was still yelling into the restaurant.

A GPD officer warned Benevides to leave or face arrest for trespassing, but she refused. The officer tried to place handcuffs on the woman, but she repeatedly pulled away her hands, the report states.

The officer “placed” Benevides to the ground after repeated failed attempts to handcuff her, the report states, and she then refused to stand up.

It took several other officers to bring her to a patrol car, and, at one point, she kicked one of them twice in the legs, the report states.

Benevides suffered a cut to her chin during the struggle with officers, and she appeared very intoxicated, so she was taken by ambulance to UF Health Shands Hospital, according to GPD. There she also kicked and spit on doctors and nurses.

Benevides “had to be sedated in order to be treated,” the report states.

Benevides faces one count of battery on a law enforcement officer and three counts of battery on an emergency medical care provider, according to GPD. She also faces misdemeanor charges of resisting arrest without violence and trespassing.

As of late morning, Benevides remained in the hospital, according to Officer Ben Tobias, a GPD spokesman.”


Alleged Serial Wanker Busted Wanking in Front of Kids in McDonald’s Restroom

Gahhh, even the soap probably feels dirty in that bathroom…


“New Jersey man who was arrested last week for allegedly masturbating in front of a boy inside a McDonald’s restroom is facing new charges after three more victims stepped forward to report similar cases to police.
Gregory Rittman, 49, was initially arrested on Friday, Oct. 24, after an 8-year-old boy reported witnessing the lewd behavior near the sink at a McDonald’s on Route 35 in Freehold, according to the Monmouth County prosecutor’s office.

Rittman, of Howell, was charged with sex assault, child endangerment and lewdness, then released after posting $73,000 bail, the prosecutor’s office said.

Since then, three additional victims ranging in age from 6 to 8 went to police to describe witnessing similar lewd acts in public restrooms over the last year, officials said.”

More at source:

Thief Arrested for Stealing Toilet Flushers, No Says McDonald’s

Finally, we can all rest. The thief has been caught. You can crap in McDonald’s with peace of mind now.


“AP) – Jacksonville authorities have for weeks been looking for a suspect behind a rash of toilet flusher thefts at area businesses.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office reports that it received calls Oct. 27 from business owners reporting stolen toilet flushers, which can cost from $300-$800.”

On Nov. 4, a McDonald’s restaurant employee reported its commode flusher had been taken, and investigators obtained surveillance video from the restaurant.

A police officer identified a subject in the video from a previous arrest.

The sheriff’s office on Friday said they found their flusher thief: 24-year-old James Ton.

Officers say Ton was arrested at a metal recycler, trying to unload his commode booty.”