Scissor Wielding McDonald’s Customer Wants to Fight Anyone

Please tell me someone told this guy to, “cut it out.”


“ST. GEORGE – St. George police arrested a 60-year-old New Mexico man Saturday afternoon after he allegedly challenged a manager and another employee of the McDonald’s to a fight and threatened one of them with a pair of scissors, according to a probable cause statement.

Eldy Westergard of Albuquerque faces a misdemeanor charge of threatening with a weapon and an infraction of disorderly conduct, according to the online booking sheet of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.
Westergard was booked into Purgatory Correctional Facility on $1,950 bail.

Westergard allegedly yelled at the manager at the McDonald’s at 800 E. St. George Boulevard when she confronted him with a complaint from customers about him displaying photos of naked women while he was eating lunch, the statement said.
He then challenged the two women to a fight outside.

Westergard allegedly pulled out the scissors, pointed it at the employee and moved toward her after she said she would not fight him.”



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