Suspected Murderer/Kid Diddler Arrested in McDonald’s Parking Lot

Apparently it takes 15 cop cars to arrest one guy in a van at a fast food place.


“We were wondering why all these police cars were with this one van because none of us had actually heard what happened,” she said.

What Hood and her employees did not know at the time was that area law enforcement were on the hunt for Donald Davidson, 34, of Middleburg.
Davidson was wanted in connection with the stabbing death of a family friend and the alleged kidnapping and sexual assault of the victim’s young daughter on Monday evening.

The convicted sexual predator removed his GPS monitoring device that he was supposed to be wearing as part of a court-ordered conditional release under the supervision of the Florida Department of Corrections.
Detectives with the Clay County Sheriff’s Office spent nearly nine hours searching for Davidson with no luck until they spotted him in the victim’s minivan in Orange Park.

Davidson complied with the officers pursuing him and pulled the minivan into the McDonald’s at the intersection of Jefferson Avenue and Blanding Boulevard.”

More at source:


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