Guy Gets Run Over at McDonald’s, Order Stolen

There’s no such thing as a free lunch…


“NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A driver struck a man in a McDonald’s drive-thru lane in Queens, then backed up over him to retrieve a food order before fleeing, witnesses said.

The bizarre incident happened early Saturday morning at the McDonald’s on Merrick Boulevard near 244th Street in Laurelton, 1010 WINS’ Derricke Dennis reported.

“It’s pretty messed up,” a cashier at the restaurant said.

“Yeah, just to get their food. Yeah, that is some heartless stuff right there,” the employee continued.

It happened so fast that workers didn’t get a look at the car or the license plate. They were more concerned about the 48-year-old victim, who was left in critical condition with severe injuries after being rushed to Jamaica Hospital.

Witnesses say the victim appeared to be intoxicated before falling and being run over.

The NYPD is still searching for the driver and checking surveillance video.”



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