Guy Throws Tantrum After Being Told He Can’t Use McDonald’s Phone

There’s no telling what the lady he assaulted earlier said to him. I wonder if they used the same phone they told him he couldn’t use to call the cops?


“A 41-year-old Chico man was arrested for vandalism after he ran into the McDonalds on Mangrove Avenue and began breaking property when his request to use a phone was denied.

According to the Chico Police Department, a 59-year-old woman reported that she had just been assaulted by an adult male, just before 11 a.m. Monday.

Police were able to identify the suspect as 41-year-old Christopher Leach, and made contact with him in the 600 block of Mangrove Avenue. When police approached Leach he fled into the McDonalds at 655 Mangrove and requested to use the business’ phone.

McDonald’s employees denied Leach access to the phone, at which time he became enraged and started breaking things in the restaurant.

Officers arrived a short time after Leach fled into the McDonalds and arrested him for felony vandalism.”



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