No Ketchup = Shooting at McDonald’s

They could have just asked…


“ANDERSON, Calif. –
Two suspects were arrested in connection with a BB gun shooting at the McDonald’s restaurant in Anderson. Police said they were disgruntled because ketchup was not included in their order.

It happened around 12:15 a.m. Tuesday. Anderson Police officers responded to a reported shooting at the Anderson McDonald’s restaurant in the 3100 block of McMurray Drive.

Employees at the business reported a red passenger car occupied by a white man and a white woman had left the business after being disgruntled over ketchup not being included in their order. Shortly afterward, the business reported the drive-up window had been shot out.

Police discovered the drive-up window had been damaged with two small holes in the window glass. A small BB gun projectile was located on the ground outside the business near the damaged window. Additionally, two vehicles in the parking lot damaged by BB gun projectiles.

Around 1:40 a.m., Anderson Police officers were in the area of the Walmart store on Rhonda Road when the officers located a red coupe parked in the south parking lot with a man and woman inside. They matched the descriptions provided of the suspects who had vandalized property at the McDonald’s.

The two occupants of the vehicle were identified as 40 year old Cottonwood resident, Michael Harvey and 29 year old Shasta Lake resident, Barbara Moore.

Police said Harvey was found to be on Probation per AB 109 (Post Release Community Supervision) and to have a felony warrant for his arrest out of Trinity County for a violation of the terms/conditions of his Probation. Harvey was taken into custody for his warrant.

Moore, who was on probation through Shasta County, was found to be in possession of a fake $100 bill. She was taken into custody for felony possession of fictitious currency.

A search of the vehicle revealed three realistic looking guns which were gas-charged, semi-automatic, BB gun handguns, BB gun projectiles similar to that found at the McDonald’s restaurant, McDonald’s food packaging and drinks, and a McDonald’s restaurant receipt for a recent purchase close in time to the reported shooting.

Harvey was booked into the Shasta County Jail for his Felony Warrant and Moore was booked into the Shasta County Jail for Felony Possession of Fictitious Currency.

Police said additional charges will be sought for Harvey and Moore regarding their suspected involvement concerning the shooting.”



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