Man Charged with Terrorism in McDonald’s Parking Lot

Not seeing where he tried to use violence to accomplish political aims (definition of terrorism) but in a world where the bomb squad gets called on a special needs kid for drawing a cartoonish bomb on a piece of paper, this fits.


“Byron Kyle Mincey, 52, of Barnett Shoals Road, was arrested Sunday night after causing a disturbance in the parking lot of McDonald’s on U.S. Highway 29 North, Athens-Clarke County police said.

An employee said Mincey was cursing and making “perverted” motions in front of females, according to police. When a customer reported seeing a snake in the parking lot, an employee went out to look for it, and Mincey allegedly used an ax handle to damage the employee’s truck, then brandished a large knife and threatened the two men, police said.

Officers arrived just as Mincey was attempting to leave. He was charged with terroristic threats or acts, police said.”



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