Creeper Nude from Waist Down Creepily Sits Near McDonald’s Restroom, is Creepy

Who says romance is dead?

From CBS:

“NEW CASTLE (KDKA) – A man already facing open lewdness charges was arrested on similar charges for allegedly exposing himself inside a Lawrence County McDonald’s in June.

According to police, the incident happened at the restaurant in New Castle on June 24.

When police were called to the restaurant, a woman inside said a man was sitting near the restroom and was not wearing pants. As she walked by the man, he spread his legs to expose his genitals.

The suspect in the case has been identified as Preston Sager, 47, of New Castle. He was arrested on Aug. 30, in connection with another case.

Previously, Sager was wanted on open lewdness, resisting arrest and indecent exposure charges stemming from a Beaver County library.

Police say their investigation started with a phone call from a library employee in Beaver County, who reportedly saw Sager exposing himself in the library.

“He had about 30 videos of our library,” said Officer Wijnen-Riems. “He would stick a camera underneath the desk that he was sitting at, across from somebody and videotape their private parts, their stomach, their legs, women with skirts on. Some of the pictures were young girls, you could tell by the clothing.”

Detectives say once confronted, Sager admitted to lewd behavior.

“He said, ‘I have a problem.’ He said, ‘I had no clothes on, I was trying to get her attention,” Officer Wijnen-Riems said. “I said, “You are going to be arrested for that.” He said, “Okay, do what you need to do.’”

While in custody, police determined Sager was also the suspect in the McDonald’s incident. He was picked out of a lineup on Sept. 5, by two separate witnesses.

Sager is facing a list of charges including, corruption of minors, indecent exposure and open lewdness.”



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