Police Seeking to Catch McDonald’s Robbers Offer Incredibly Vague Description

Cops are looking for help in solving this caper. Three of five suspects apprehended but they’re looking for a black guy that owns a blue sweatshirt or another black guy with a black hooded sweatshirt. So basically, from the description the police give, anyone male of Farmington Hills’ 17.4% black population and who also likes sweatshirts. Glad they were so specific, this should go well. I wonder what the description people gave for the suspects that were caught?

“He wore a shirt and had hair and he wasn’t tall but he wasn’t really short either…sort of average height.”

From clickondetroit.com:

“Farmington Hills police said they’ve arrested three people in connection with the armed robbery of a McDonald’s early Thursday morning but are still looking for two more.

Police said officers were called to the fast food restaurant at 14 Mile and Orchard Lake roads just before 3 a.m. on the report of suspicious people. When officers arrived, the people ran off to an apartment complex. Shortly after, police said they got a call that the restaurant had been robbed at gunpoint. The descriptions of the suspicious group of people and the robbers matched. Through their investigation, police found two rifles and two cash drawers from the robbery and arrested three suspects.

Police said they are still looking for two more suspects who are described as two black males in their late teens or early twenties. One of the males was wearing a blue sweatshirt with green shorts and white tennis shoes. The other suspect was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt with a white zipper, black shorts, and yellow tennis shoes. The faces of both subjects were covered, one with a bandana and one with an article of clothing.

Anyone with information on the robbery is asked to call the Farmington Hills Police Department at 248-871-2610.”

Source: http://m.clickondetroit.com/news/police-arrest-3-in-farmington-hills-mcdonalds-robbery-but-seek-2-more/28014888


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