VIDEO: One Teen Tries to Pick Fight with Other at McDonald’s, Cops Get Involved

What an A+ description by the police…

From cbs:

“MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Miami-Dade Police and school police are investigating an attack on a eighth grade middle school student at a McDonald’s near Cutler Bay.

The incident, captured on someone’s cell phone, shows a teenager walking up to another girl who was sitting at a table in the restaurant one night last week.

“I’m asking you one more time, do you want to fight?” demands the girl standing over the student at the table. There does not appear to be a response. “Do you want to fight?” the girl asks again. No response.

The teen, apparently spoiling for a rumble, then rears back with her right arm and smacks the sitting girl in the side of her head, sending her jolting to the left. Moments later, the apparent aggressor again rears back and delivers a roundhouse blow to the head of the girl at the table, who does not fight back. The video abruptly ends.

CBS4 obtained a copy of the video that was posted on social media sites, and shared it with police.

A Miami-Dade police source told CBS4 the video appears to depict a crime – a battery – being committed.”

Video at source:


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