McDonald’s Manager Arrested After U.S. Marshal’s Lost Card Charged $600

And she still works there…


“SHELBY COUNTY, TN – (WMC) – Two people were arrested and charged with stealing dozens of credit cards. They were busted after choosing the wrong victim.

The victim is a United States Marshal, whose identity WMC Action News 5 is protecting so he can still do his job as safely as possible.

Detectives say he is an unsuspecting victim in what the Shelby County Sheriff’s office calls “one of the largest labs for the manufacturing of stolen credit cards for this area.”

It begins at a drive-thru at Interstate 40 and Canada Road. On August 1, the marshal accidentally left his card at McDonald’s. Before retrieving it a day later, nearly $600 in bogus charges popped up on his account.

After tracking down surveillance video of the pair using stolen card, investigators arrested McDonald’s manager Crystal Thompson and her boyfriend Harry Hudson. Investigators seized 84 bogus cards, card readers, and other merchandise in their Millington home.

The pair was reportedly involved in a similar scheme on a customer in March, for which Hudson was charged but Thompson wasn’t.

“She was still working there. Nothing happened to her,” the victim said. “This $600 could have affected my bills getting paid or my lights getting turned off or something like that, because this money was taken from me.”

“I have to take it personal,” he continued. “It’s a feeling of anger. It’s a feeling of frustration.”

Thompson posted bail; Hudson remains locked up on $50,000 bond.

Investigators say they are still working this case.”



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