McDonald’s Workers Help Solve Crime Committed by Moronic Thief

Dude actually went back to the scene of the crime where they had surveillance footage and eyewitnesses of his thievery…


“McDonald’s workers played a huge role in solving a crime Wednesday.

According to Goodlettsville police, the employees at the restaurant at Rivergate Mall spotted an alleged thief and quickly called police.

The suspect, later identified as 19-year-old Jacob Daniels, was arrested shortly after. Police say he also confessed to the crime.

His arrest stems from an incident on August 12 when a homeless man got up from a table at the McDonald’s to use the restroom, leaving his belongings behind.

Among his belongings was $800 in cash.

Daniels is shown on surveillance video, in a blue T-shirt, going over to the man’s table, allegedly stealing the cash and leaving the restaurant.

Police told News 2 he is a frequent patron of that same McDonald’s. The employees were told about Daniels, who returned on Monday, prompting them to alert authorities.

Officers said he admitted he was the man on the video and that he took the money.

Daniels was booked into the Metro jail on $10,000 bond.

The big question: why did the man leave so much money on the table?

Police said they still don’t have a clue. The victim was also unavailable for comment.”



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