Drunk Builder Banned from McDonald’s for Life

This guy takes the term “drive thru” a bit to literally…

From Metro:

“McDonald’s has banned drunken builder Peter Andrews for life after he crashed into the front of one of the chain’s restaurants in Wales when staff refused to serve him.

The 41-year-old South Wales resident was turned away from the Port Talbot branch of McDonald’s while under the influence.

According to The Mirror, he proceeded to drunkenly reverse his vehicle through the restaurant’s front doors, prompting staff and customers to dash out of the way.

Later arrested, builder Mr Andrews has since admitted to both dangerous and drink driving.

He will be sentenced at Neath ­magistrates’ court next month.

News of the fast-food restaurant ban follows last month’s revelation that McDonald’s had hosted its first ever sermon.

The Rev Richard Barron explained that, by preaching in the outlet in Greenhithe, Kent, he is tapping into ‘new ways for people to connect with the church’.Â

The vicar’s favourite McDonald’s bite is the filet-o-fish and he now holds his sermons every Friday in the restaurant.”

Source: http://metro.co.uk/2011/07/04/mcdonalds-bans-drunken-builder-for-life-in-port-talbot-wales-64825/


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