McDonald’s Worker Charged with Felony After Spitting in Cop’s Sandwich

JUNE 17–Meet Jacob Skipworth. The Michigan man, who spent 14 years in prison for a violent home invasion, is facing criminal charges for allegedly spitting in an Egg McMuffin purchased by a cop at the McDonald’s where the convicted felon worked. According to a police report, a Berrien County sheriff’s deputy bought two breakfast sandwiches earlier this month at a Berrien Springs McDonald’s. When the cop bit into his Egg McMuffin, ‘Something did not seem right,’ according to the report. The cop believed that someone had spit in his sandwich, an appraisal confirmed by a McDonald’s manager, who described the alien substance as ‘stringy with mucus.’ Suspicion quickly fell on the 32-year-old Skipworth, who was paroled from an Indiana prison in November 2007. A co-worker told police that he saw Skipworth lick and spit on the bun of a sandwich. The witness added that Skipworth ‘said something to the effect of ‘I got him’ or ‘I got that cop good.” Another employee said that Skipworth was laughing and commented, ‘that cop got his food spit on’ after the deputy received his Egg McMuffin. Investigators believe that the adulterated sandwich–which the cop returned to the McDonald’s manager–was flushed down a toilet by Skipworth. When interviewed by police, Skipworth denied spitting on the deputy’s food, adding that he had no problem with police or corrections officers. Skipworth, pictured in the mug shot at left, was charged with a felony adulterated food count, and is being held in the Berrien County jail.

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