Brothers Arrested for Fighting at McDonald’s, Four Loko Involved

Two brothers from the Village of Rio Ranchero were arrested Friday night as the result of a fight that broke out at the McDonalds at Buffalo Ridge in The Villages.

Christopher Edward Len, 37, was at the McDonalds at about 7:45 p.m. Friday with two of his brothers. An arrest report from the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office indicated that all three had been consuming alcoholic beverages prior to their arrival in a golf cart at the fast food restaurant.

Christopher Len then made a statement that “no one could beat him up,” according to the arrest report. One of the brothers responded, “Yea right,” and Christopher Len lunged at and attempted to strike him. At one point, Christopher Len was on top of the victim striking him.

Christopher Len was arrested on a charge of battery and transported to the Sumter County Detention Center.
The deputy then went to the brothers’ residence in The Villages to further investigate the incident. There the deputy observed Matthew Len, 42, driving toward the residence in a golf cart without its lights on. Family members at the scene confirmed to the deputy that the two occupants of the golf cart were two brothers. The deputy found a Four Loko in a brown paper bag in the cup holder of the golf cart along with a 16-ounce Miller High Life. Matthew Len told the deputy he had consumed six beers, the arrest report indicated.

Matthew Len failed field sobriety exercises and refused to provide a breath sample. A computer check revealed Matthew Len had three prior DUIs and his license was suspended for prior refusal to submit to a lawful breath, urine or blood test.
Matthew Len was arrested on charges of DUI and refusal to submit to DUI test after license suspended.
He was also transported to the Sumter County Detention Center where bond was set at $3,000.



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