Satire: Man Takes Tank to Oklahoma McDonald’s Drive Thru, Gets Arrested

[NORMAN, OK] An Oklahoma man was arrested Wednesday on charges of disturbing the peace, destruction of property, operating an unregistered motor vehicle, and possessing illegal rounds of ammunition, after having driven a tank… yes, an actual tank… to a drive thru window at a local McDonald’s restaurant in the town of Norman, a suburb of Oklahoma City.
Robert Sherwood, 58, of Paul’s Valley Oklahoma was arrested at 3:45 pm Wednesday after driving his legally-owned 45-ton 1956 M48 Patton tank to the drive-thru window of a McDonald’s restaurant, where he attempted to order meals for himself and several friends, who were parked in a pickup truck two-dozen feet from where the incident took place.
Authorities say Sherwood’s tank was “fully armed” with six 90mm shells for the tank’s main gun, and “hundreds of rounds” of .50 caliber and .30 caliber bullets for the tank’s two machine guns. Inside the vehicle, Sherman also had three handguns, a .22 caliber hunting rifle, and AR-15 and AK47 assault rifles. Police later found two hand grenades as well, but neither was functional.
Sherwood, a former stock broker and 8-year US National Guard veteran, had previously entered the McDonald’s restaurant a week earlier carrying his AK47, along with three friends also carrying assault weapons. The store’s manager, who has not been identified, demanded the four men leave the premises, inspiring Sherwood to return with his tank, which he purchased legally in 2011 for approximately $256,000.
Sherwood’s tank damaged roads, uprooted street signs, and nearly knocked over a telephone pole before arriving at McDonald’s. At the restaurant itself, the tank destroyed the parking lot, severely damaged a wall and the edge of the roof over the window, crushed bushes and flowers, and took the bumper off a parked car owned by the parents of one of the restaurant’s employees. Early estimates range upwards of $100 thousand to $400 thousand in total damages. But according to Oklahoma NRA spokesman Charles Spencer, the most damaging thing of all was the violation of Sherwood’s civil rights.
“Rob Sherwood has a constitutional right to own firearms, and yes, that should include these vehicles,” Spencer said during an interview with a local radio station. “This is an American patriot who was wrongfully arrested for expressing his second amendment rights in a civilized, rational, safe manner. He’s a registered gun owner, he pays his taxes, the vehicle is legally owned, he has a driver’s license, and he had every intention of paying for his meal. No one was in the gunner’s seat, either, so there was no risk of the vehicle’s cannon being fired. They had no right to illegally detain Rob Sherwood. This is an Obama hatchet-job, and the NRA won’t stand for it.”
Sherwood’s lawyer told reporters that his client was expected to be released Wednesday evening, though local law enforcement have seized his tank and other weapons. The FBI and ATF plan to interview Sherwood before he is released on bail, which the NRA has agreed to pay in full on Sherwood’s behalf.



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