Reddit Topic: Worst Things to Happen at McDonald’s McPlayPlace According to Employees


Here’s some of the highlights:

[–]MasterInceptor 2581 points 1 month ago
Some fucking kid climbed all the way to the top slide and took his goddamn pants off and slid down the slide. Problem is, he shat the whooooole way down. There was a fucking trail of shit spanning the entire second-half of the slide.
We only found out because some other fucking kid slid down that slide and came out covered in chunky-liquid shit and crying uncontrollably.

[–]PattyBouvier44 3054 points 1 month ago
A lady left her 2 young children in the play place four hours while she went to the thrift store shopping. Eventually a nice old woman came and told me they were there and didn’t seem to have a guardian present. So of course I called the cops. When she finally returned she admitted that she does it a few times a week. Another time I was getting ready to lock up for the night and I noticed smoke coming from under the door of the play place. I was quite surprised to find 4 older men smoking pot and cigarettes sliding and giggling.

[–]DudeWithAHighKD 2843 points 1 month ago
My friend use to work there and quit after this day.
There was a kids birthday party in the play area. A really fat kid ate a lot of ice cream cake and decided to play in the ball pit. Apparently there were like a dozen kids in this pit when all of a sudden they were getting out and had stains on their shirt. What looked like this fat kid playing under the balls was him actually ducking under to puke. They caught him doing it and immediately asked him to leave.
Now picture this, a kid pukes in multiple locations in a ball pit with a dozen other kids running around in it mixing them around. The entire ball pit had puke spread throughout it. When her manager asked her and 2 other people to clean it up, she flat out quit and I don’t blame her.
We still bother her about it today and even put one of those plastic balls on top of her birthday cake last year, just to fuck with her.

[–]drthaller 2373 points 1 month ago
had this fat kid get stuck in it and when i was sent in to pull him out, i got sued for “reckless endangerment of a child and inappropriate contact with a child.” i seriously wanted to punch the parents. fuckers got me fired and held up in court for 3 months

[–]manboobsonfire 3361 points 1 month ago
kids literally take their happy meals in there and forget. Heavier things are always at the bottom (cheeseburgers) then there is a layer of chicken mcnuggets and such. 50% of the ball pit is in fact edible. 25% balls. 25% poop

[–]FialloMan 575 points 1 month ago
I’m not an employee, but when I was a kid I was climbing in and out of the play place. I was getting pretty tired so I decided to take a little break inside one of the tubs. I noticed a whole bunch of flies and decided to follow them, turns out there was a dead iguana that was rotting away inside the tube. I was crawling over it the whole time without realizing it.


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