Wanted Man Nabbed in Pueblo McDonald’s Drive Thru

This probably wasn’t what he had in mind when he went to grab a burger and fries.

The Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office along with two other agencies apprehended a wanted man in a McDonald’s drive-thru Thursday afternoon.

Just before 2 p.m. the sheriff’s office, along with the Colorado Violent Offender Task Force and Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, arrested Luis Fernando Lopez, 29, who they had been attempting to locate for the last two months.

The arrest took place after members of the task force recognized Lopez’s truck in the Belmont area, according to the PCSO.

They followed the truck into the McDonald’s parking lot on Bonforte Boulevard.

As Lopez pulled around toward the drive-thru, several undercover vehicles blocked the path of his truck.

Detectives then ordered Lopez from the vehicle and took him into custody without incident.

Lopez, who is listed as homeless, was wanted on several warrants on charges including homicide, menacing/assault and fraud.

Lopez’s criminal history included multiple violent crimes, the PCSO said.

David Lucero, PCSO law enforcement captain, was on scene during the arrest.

“We definitely surprised him. He didn’t have time to react to our presence and that was just what we needed to get this done quickly and peacefully.”

Lucero said the Pueblo Police Department and the Colorado Springs Police Department also helped in the arrest.

“We are grateful for the support these agencies provided,” Lucero said.

Lopez was transported to Pueblo County jail where he was held without bond on warrants.

Source: http://www.chieftain.com/mobile/msearch/2639668-123/lopez-drive-pueblo-thru#sthash.tUmvD4UH.dpuf


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