Man Arrested at McDonald’s Wearing Only a Wig, Sandals, and Pink Gloves

A man with a bizarre fetish for pink underwear has been jailed for walking through a city centre wearing only a pair of suspenders and an Alice band.

Malcolm King had only been released from jail a few days earlier for an earlier flashing incident in Plymouth when he was seen striding down Exeter’s main shopping street nearly naked.

Police arrested him outside Boots after he was thrown out of the Tesco Metro store in the High Street because of his strange attire.

At the time King was on prison licence after being released early from a sentence from Plymouth Crown Court for going into McDonalds wearing only a blonde wig, sandals and pink gloves.
King, aged 56, of Paradise Place, Plymouth, admitted exposure and was jailed for three months by Judge Graham Cottle at Exeter Crown Court.

The Judge questioned whether there is anything the probation service can do to prevent King offending again but was told they cannot intervene until he is released.

He was previously jailed for seven months at Plymouth Crown Court in January and the new sentence will run alongside the existing one.

Mr Jonathan Barnes, prosecuting, said on the evening of March 17 CCTV operators in Exeter alerted police to King, who was seen nearly naked in Queen Street, close to Central Station.

He said:”He was walking towards the High Street utterly naked apart from a bright pink Alice band on his head and a white and pink suspender belt which left his private parts exposed.

“He can be seen on the CCTV to walk to Tesco where he tried to get in and was refused entry. This was at 9.30 pm in the evening and there were a few people about.

“He walked down the High Street towards Boots. The arresting officers spoke of women showing signs of distress but the CCTV shows the few people who were about to have paid remarkably little attention.

“He was detained and appeared to be sober. He told them ‘I suppose this means I will be back in prison again’. He later said he did not know what he was doing because he had drunk a pint of cider in a pub which made him lose control of himself.”

Mr Barnes said King was born in 1957 and committed no offences until 2013 when he admitted exposure at Plymouth Magistrates and outraging public decency at Plymouth Crown Court, where he was jailed for seven months on January 24.

King was not represented but told the Judge he had only started offending when he was 54 and was keen to work with the probation service.

Judge Cottle said he was not allowed to consider such a community order because King has been recalled to prison to complete his seven month sentence.

He told him:”The problem is that you have been recalled to serve the sentence and only the Governor will have the power to release you before October.

“That means I cannot pass a community sentence. You are a man who did nothing wrong until quite recently when you suddenly started exposing yourself.

“I don’t know why you are doing that. I would like to be able to explore why your life has started to unravel after many years of being a law-abiding citizen.”



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