Two Arrested in Alleged Burglary Plot at UK McDonald’s During Operation Hawk Sweep

A CHIEF Constable has arrested a man over a burglary plot in the car park of a McDonalds restaurant.

Dave Jones was on patrol with North Yorkshire Police’s road crime team in Bedale, as part of Operation Hawk to tackle travelling criminals, when they were alerted to a vehicle carrying two men wanted for conspiracy to commit burglary.

Mr Jones and the officers tracked the vehicle, a white LDV panel van, for 45 miles to Hartlepool, where the men had stopped to buy a meal at McDonalds’ in Burn Road.

The former murder squad detective, who chased and arrested a man suspected of violent attack in Richmond just hours into his first shift at the force last year, apprehended the 37-year-old suspect as he left the restaurant, which uses a character called The Hamburglar to advertise.

Officers arrested the other man, aged 26, before questioning the pair and releasing them on bail as enquiries continue.

Mr Jones said: “I was really pleased to be able to get out onto the frontline and help out my colleagues who have worked tirelessly to make the operation an ongoing success.

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