Man Chats Up Woman at McDonald’s, Robs Her

On Wednesday, a man wanted on several charges from Waynesboro and Rockingham County was arrested during a routine traffic stop. David Lee Blair III, 27, was wanted for grand larceny and assault.

On May 13, a Waynesboro police officer was sent to a residence at the Mountain View Apartments, following a report of a theft. The 22-year-old female victim accused Blair of stealing $700 from her pants pocket.

“ She said she saw Mr. Blair at the Waynesboro McDonalds and that she knew him,” Waynesboro Police Sgt. Brian Edwards said. “They were having a conversation when Mr. Blair reached into her jeans pocket, stole the money and then ran away.”

When the officer asked her how Blair knew the money was in her pocket, the victim said she thought the money was sticking out of her pants, Edwards explained. When Blair ran away, the victim called Blair’s mother and according to her report, “the mother said her son was probably wanted and on drugs,” Edwards said.

No weapon was involved in the theft and McDonald’s security camera footage verified that Blair and the victim were talking together at the restaurant. Blair was arrested on Wednesday, during a routine traffic stop, when the officer ran his information through the computer and discovered Blair was wanted by both Waynesboro and Rockingham police.

Blair was charged with felony grand larceny for the May incident and with misdemeanor charges of destruction of property and assault for an incident that occurred on April 23. He is currently free on a bond of personal recognizance.



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