Horror: Mystery Person Feeds Baby “Bleach” in Crowded Greenwich McDonald’s

A woman was arrested today after a baby was given a substance believed to be bleach in a branch of McDonald’s
Greenwich police said they arrested a 53-year-old woman in Deptford.

A police spokesman said: “She remains in custody at a south London police station.”

The child, called Jonjo, was rushed to hospital after throwing up the unknown substance but has since returned home.

The child’s parents today said their child was left “white and throwing his head back like he was choking”

Jonjo’s mother Samantha Cherry, 18, said: “He’s never sick, so she got him out of the buggy and started patting his back.

“The restaurant was quite busy and mum just shouted if anyone saw someone give him the bottle.

“Mum rang the police straight away and called an ambulance. ”

Source: http://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/woman-arrested-after-baby-is-given-bleach-in-london-mcdonalds-8139567.html


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