Tutor Gives Beer to Student and Touches Genitles at McDonald’s

CHICKASHA — A man turned himself into the police after admitting he provided a minor with beer and attempted to touch the juvenile inappropriately.

A 16-year-old male informed Chickasha Police that his former school tutor, Mario Castro, provided him with low point beer and attempted to touch his penis, according to a police report.

The minor said Castro provided him with the beer at his (Castro’s) residence in late July or early August.

The victim told police the same day he drank the alcohol with Castro, he and Castro went to the Chickasha McDonalds where Castro attempted to touch his penis.

Castro turned himself into police on his volition, said Chickasha Major Elip Moore.

The report states during an interview with the police at Castro’s current place of employment, Chickasha High School, he admitted to providing beer to the minor.

“Castro also admitted touching the clothing near the (juvenile victim’s) penis while at McDonalds, and said that he touched (the minor’s) clothing near his penis in a reach around fashion from behind,” the police report reads. “Castro said, ‘I did it’ because ‘I wanted to see his attraction towards me.'”

Castro was arrested for giving alcohol to a minor and sexual battery.

Source: http://www.chickashanews.com/topnews/x2136380193/Arrested-man-admits-he-touched-student-inappropriately?mobRedir=false


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