Couple Passes Out in Car with Infant at McDonald’s, Denies Charges of Fake Weed Use

(WJLA) – Police in Anne Arundel County arrested a couple they believe were asleep and high on synthetic marijuana while their 8 month old was in the back seat of their parked car.
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Brooke Amber Michael, left, and Michael Patrick May (Photos: Anne Arundel County Police)
It happened around 5:20 p.m. Saturday in the parking lot of a McDonald’s at 2130 Generals Highway in Annapolis.

20-year old parents Brooke Michael and Michael May were arrested.
Police say a concerned citizen called them after noticing that the couple appeared unresponsive while their infant boy was in the backseat.

Police say they arrived along with paramedics who had to physically wake the couple up. After that, police say both Michael and May had slurred speech and trouble balancing.

A press release says officers found packages of what they believed to be K2, a type of synthetic marijuana, along with devices for smoking.
Michael and May have been charged with neglect of a minor and possession of CDS paraphernalia.

At their Annapolis condominium building late Sunday afternoon, both Michael and May denied to ABC7 that they had been high with their infant in the car. But when asked what they say was really happening, they refused to answer.

Anne Arundel County Police say Child Protective Services was notified about their arrest, and the baby has been released to stay with his grandfather.



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