Man Gets Served Cold Fries at French McDonald’s Goes Berserk and Returns with Axe; Injures Self

GARGES-LÈS-GONESSE — A McDonald’s customer outside of Paris was so displeased that his fries had been served to him cold that he decided to take on the fast-food joint with an axe.

The very angry man, 26, had been to the drive-thru on Sunday morning and once he received his order, he didn’t just go back to the counter to complain and get them replaced with hot ones — he brought with him a mini-axe that was in his car.

The man shattered the window with his fists and then finished destroying the hatch with his axe. He sustained injuries to his hand but luckily nobody else was hurt in his burst of food-rage.

Police quickly apprehended the man after an emergency call, according to French daily Le Parisien. The staff and security guards at the McDonald’s have announced they will be pressing charges against him.



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