Failed Armed Robbery at McDonald’s Yields Old Cellphone and No Money for Crooks

Two gunmen tried to rob a McDonald’s on Super Bowl Sunday β€” and all they got was an older model cellphone with a busted screen whose owner says he won’t even miss it.

No one was hurt in the 10:30 p.m incident, Fort Lauderdale police say.

Police are still looking for the men, who escaped in a red getaway car with tinted windows. One man carried a handgun and the other an M16-style assault rifle, detectives say.

Here’s what happened, according to police:

Two masked men wearing black clothing and gloves walked into the restaurant at 1600 South State Road 7and ordered customers to put their hands on the tables and not move.

When the men demanded that the employees open a safe in the back, they were told the night manager was the only one with the combination. But he was nowhere to be found.

He’d already fled out a back door to call 911, police say.

Frustrated, the robbers grabbed a customer’s cellphone as they left.



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