Woman with Crack Pipe Kicks Police, Drops Pants, Gets Arrested at Florida McDonald’s

CAPE CORAL, Fla.- Cape Coral Police arrested a woman at McDonald’s after she allegedly kicked and threatened them when it was discovered that she was in possession of a crack pipe.

A concerned citizen called deputies regarding a woman who was crying inside McDonald’s, located at 1715 S. Del Prado Blvd. The woman had road-rash-type injuries and had not purchased anything from the restaurant.

When deputies arrived, they found Rebecca Sue Young, smelling of alcohol and yelling inside. They asked the 39-year-old to step outside and she complied. Once outside, Young began digging through her purse when a crack pipe allegedly fell out. When officers attempted to arrest her, Young reportedly began to kick and swing at the officers, saying she was “not going to jail.”

She was put into handcuffs and a leg hobble, that was attached to the front passenger compartment to keep her from kicking out the window. At that time, Young began yelling and striking her head on the cage of the vehicle, according to the report. While inside the patrol vehicle, she allegedly pulled down her shorts and underwear for unknown reasons.

A family member arrived to pick Young up from the restaurant, but left when she saw that Young had already been arrested.

En route to the jail, Young reportedly told the deputy, “I would shoot you right now, if I had a gun.” According to the report, Young said she would “get him” at his house. She allegedly said she would break her wrists to slip out of the cuffs and continued to yell obscenities at the deputy. She reportedly made a point to say that the deputy “was not above the Florida Highway Patrol.”¬†

Young was arrested for drug paraphernalia and battery on an officer.

Source: http://www.winknews.com/mobile/index.php/mobile/article/2014-02-18_Woman-allegedly-caught-with-crack-pipe-at-McDonalds


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