Woman Throws Crowbar, Man Shoots Shotgun Over Wrong McDonald’s Order; Town Flips Out and Sends SWAT Team

Around 7:30 a.m. a man ordered food at a McDonald’s drive-thru, located at 6350 W. Kellogg near Dugan in West Wichita.

The man reportedly became upset when he drove away and realized his order was wrong. It intensified when the man tried to cut in front of another car at the drive-thru.

The driver waiting in line didn’t appreciate the other car trying to cut, and words were exchanged. At one point a woman got out of the car trying to cut, and threw a crowbar at the other.

The driver of that same car then got out, grabbed a shotgun and fired at the other car before driving off. No one was hurt

Police responded and tracked the car to a home on Newell near Meridian where officers are currently trying to get the occupants to come out.

SWAT is also on scene.

The street has been shut down, but no one in the neighborhood has been evacuated.

More at source: http://www.kake.com/home/headlines/Wrong-Fast-Food-Order-Leads-To-West-Wichita-Standoff-186177152.html?device=phone


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