That’s a Lot of Cheddar: Chilean McDonald’s Ordered to Pay for Mouse Tail Found in Food

TEMUCO — In June of 2012, a customer of the fast food chain McDonald’s found a mouse tail in a burger bought at the Portal Mall of Temuco. Now, the local court of Temuco has convicted the restaurant for the second time. The Department of Health had sanctioned them with a fine of 100 UTM, for violating health laws.  Now they are adding an additional fine of 50 UTM for violating the consumer’s law.

In June 2012, the customer found a strange object in the meat of his burger.  Which after an analysis of the object in January of 2013 reveled that the object was a mouse’s tail.

The legal adviser of the under age Chilean affected by the rodent tail in his sandwich, Francisco Vergara stated, ”we presented a lawsuit against McDonald’s adapted from the Consumer’s Law. Today, the judgement disclosed the condemnation of McDonald’s, because both their proof as well as ours, prove the veracity of the allegations and that the sandwich, usually is speculated to be a burger out of meat, and in this case, inside the sandwich was a mouse tail”.

“Following the two sentences, we are considering now filing a civil suit and are examining the amount which is within the law that currently exists”, said Vergara and added that the civil claim will be submitted within this month.

McDonald’s for its part explained through a statement, said they will appeal to the Court of Appeal, the decision of the local court and reaffirmed their “commitment to the quality of our products and their production processes within each of our restaurants”.

When the story first broke, the restaurant was closed and the news about the burger with the mouse tail spread all over South America.



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