Teens Chase McDonald’s Robbers Driving Fancy Car; Get Shot At

THE WOODLANDS, Texas – Deputies are searching for two male suspects in connection with an armed robbery of a McDonald’s Friday night in The Woodlands.

According to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, two gunmen hit the McDonald’s in the Panther Creek Shopping Center just before midnight by climbing through the drive-thru window.

Patrick and Richy, best friends since first grade, went to the McDonald’s drive-thru when the gunmen showed up. KHOU 11 News is only releasing their first names because the suspects remain at large.

“We just went for a hot and spicy,” said Patrick.

When they pulled up to the drive-thru, a man with a ski mask and gun jumped through the window right next to them.

“He cocked it (the gun) right by the widow and then hopped through the window right away,” said Patrick.

The two suspects made their way into the restaurant where there was five employees. Employees told KHOU 11 News the woman working at the window was held at gun point.

“They took her to the safe, they said let me see the money. Another employee hid behind the bread,” said a McDonald’s employee.

“Everybody was sitting on the floor; they were hiding,” said Jesus, the McDonald’s manager.

After the gunmen left, Patrick and Richy started following the suspects in their getaway car and called 911.

“When we were driving, (trying) to see the plates, when he started shooting at us, we both started getting down,” said Richy, who was a passenger in the car.

The teens were shot at a total of four times. The bullets hit their car twice and shattered the window of a nearby spa.

“It didn’t hit me or my friend here,” said Patrick.

“I was pretty scared,” said Richy.

Patrick’s car had to be towed away from the scene. After the bullets hit the car, it stopped running.

Deputies released this information about the suspects:

Both suspects were wearing gloves, hooded sweatshirts and possibly handkerchiefs covering their faces.

Witnesses saw the suspects flee in a black passenger car,  possibly a Lexus or Infiniti.

Source: http://www.khou.com/news/crime/Witnesses-Gunmen-climbed-through-McDonalds-drive-thru-in-The-Woodlands-226609731.html


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