Slappy Meal: Woman Loses Tooth Over Burger Dispute

In 2012, Gui Ying Shi went to a New York City McDonald’s with her son and ordered him a cheeseburger Happy Meal. The New York Post reports that when Ms. Shi saw that the meal had a hamburger and not a cheeseburger, she complained to cashier Marisol Acosta. It was then that Ms. Acosta allegedly punched her customer in the face.

Because she didn’t getting like punched in the face so much, Ms. Shi has taken McDonald’s to court over the matter. Her attorney, Lawrence Glynn, described what transpired in the Brooklyn Supreme Court trial, “She starts cursing at her, calls her stupid, said, ‘You need to learn to speak English.’ Ms. Acosta throws a left cross to Ms. Shi’s right jaw. Knockout! Knocks out a tooth.”

More at source:’s-customer-claims-cashier-punched-her-over-cheeseburger-argument-200751059.html


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