Sex Offender Takes Prostitute for Crack and McDonald’s Ice Cream, Wigs Out Hard

It started off with a quick errand: Crack cocaine and soft serve ice cream.

Jacques Rouschop, 41, admitted to taking a 23-year-old Vanier prostitute for those at a local McDonald’s back in August after the pair agreed to an exchange of $40 for oral sex.

He then told the young woman that his friend near Hawkesbury would would pay $160 for the same services. She agreed and the pair set off on a road trip.

Once they arrived at the man’s residence on County Rd. 9, he declined the offer.

Instead, Rouschop and the woman parked behind a building across the street for consensual, paid, oral sex.

As she was attempting to satisfy the short, portly Rouschop, he claims she took a $100 bill off him and he flew into a rage. The woman was struck a number of times and she fled the vehicle — her clothes in hand.

She called for help from the nearby business. Cops took the woman to the Rockland OPP detachment where her injuries were photographed. Officers there also found the $100 bill in her possession.

Rouschop was arrested months later.

Rouschop — currently serving a jail sentence for fleeing police during a hooker sweep — was sentenced to six months in jail Tuesday by a judge in l’Orignal court.

The sentence will begin when his current custodial sentence ends in February.

But, Rouschop — whose record already included seven assault-related convictions — has many more days in court in his future.

He faces sexual assault charges, laid in December as part of a major crime investigation.

The charges came less than 24 hours after police offered a $50,000 reward for information into the September slaying of Amy Paul.

He faces two counts of aggravated sexual assault and two counts of choking in two incidents involving two victims — both sex-trade workers.

Cops say Rouschop will be questioned about Paul’s death.

Defence lawyer Stuart Konyer said investigators have yet to approach his client about the Paul investigation.

The young mother and known sex trade worker’s body was found in a hay field in Osgoode on Sept. 17. She had been missing since Sept. 1. Police won’t say how she was killed.

Rouschop, is a registered sex offender, convicted of fondling and a 12 year-old girl in 2005.

“He’s no angel, obviously,” said Konyer. “But most of the allegations he was facing in this case were untrue.”

Charges of attempting to choke were withdrawn by the Crown.



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