Ronald McDonald Arrested at McDonald’s

RONALD McDonald has admitted breaching a restraining order after he followed his wife to McDonald’s, writes Max Evans.

The 50-year-old Westgate man, who shares his name with the fast-food chain’s famous mascot, flouted a ban barring him from contacting his wife last month.

McDonald, of Cambourne Avenue, was hauled before Thanet Magistrates’ Court last Friday for then breaching his bail conditions by texting her.

Prosecuting, Julie Farbrace said: “Mr McDonald followed his ex-wife along a number of streets. She parked in McDonalds in Westwood Cross and he followed her in.

“She then drove into Tesco. It was then that she herself went into a petrol station and he approached the car.”

The restraining order was imposed on McDonald on September 11 after he assaulted his wife and another woman.

But the court heard how McDonald was still a frequent visitor to his former matrimonial home in Margate afterwards.

Miss Farbrace said: “It seems this was something that she did allow despite the restraining order, but part of the terms was not to come in the house when she was there, and he was not to smoke or drink.”

On September 16, Mrs McDonald became cheesed off with her cleaner husband after she found him bringing their son Ronnie a beer at her home.

McDonald then drove behind her car to the golden arches – the home of his namesake, as well as the Hamburglar and the Happy Meal Gang.

He then breached his bail conditions by texting his wife on October 15.

On Tuesday, McDonald admitted breaching the order before he was sentenced at the Margate court.

Defending, Will Bodiam of Betts and Co, said: “He regrets the incident. The defendant takes responsibility for the breach. He said to me he is totally remorseful about the whole situation.”

McDonald was given an 86 day sentence for the breach and the previous offences, suspended for two years.

Magistrates gave him a supervision requirement, ordered to complete a domestic abuse programme and told him to pay £180 in court costs and victim surcharges.

He was also banned from contacting his wife for three years.



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