Peeping Tom Gets Stuck in Bathroom Stall, Gets Arrested

MARCH 18–A Tennessee man who tried to crawl into an occupied stall in a McDonald’s women’s bathroom was thwarted when he got stuck under a partition, according to cops who yesterday arrested him for the creepy intrusion.

Police report that Jasmin Johnson was using the toilet inside the Memphis restaurant last Thursday afternoon when Ronald Henderson, 28, entered the bathroom and “crawled under… the stall.”

Upon spotting Henderson, Johnson screamed at him to leave the restroom. But Henderson continued trying to breach the stall, grabbing at Johnson’s leg “until he got stuck,”according to a criminal complaint. Johnson was then able to escape the McDonald’s bathroom.

Henderson, pictured in the adjacent mug shot, was filmed by a store surveillance camera following Johnson into the women’s restroom. Additionally, Johnson was able to identify Henderson at the scene, and later picked him out from a photo spread.

Charged with assault and observation without consent, Henderson was booked yesterday into the Shelby County jail, where he is locked up in lieu of $100 bond.  He was scheduled for arraignment this morning on the two misdemeanor counts.



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