Naked Guy Walks Into McDonald’s, Gets Laughed at and Beaten

CHICAGO (CBS) — In a bizarre scene caught on tape, a man walked into McDonald’s in Chicago–completely naked.

The video was posted on Live Leak three days ago. It shows the man parading around the restaurant for about two minutes before police arrive.

At one point, some customers begin to strike the man with a yellow “Caution” sign. However, the man did not appear to be injured.

Before then, the man tried to enter a door leading to the food preparation area, approached the counter several times and strutted around the entire floor amid screaming and laughter.

The location of the McDonald’s was not immediately clear, but the first clue that the video was shot in Chicago happens when the videographer turns the cell phone on herself and says “Only at McDonald’s!”

She is wearing a Chicago Transit Authority knit cap.

Another clue occurs when two Chicago Police officers arrive at the restaurant to establish order and tell the man to sit down.

Yes, sit down, naked, in a restaurant chair.

The video show full-frontal nudity (the man isn’t even wearing shoes or socks) and is not safe for work, so CBS Chicago is not providing a direct link to the footage.

The video ends shortly after the police arrive.



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