Man Upset at McDonald’s Coffee Quality Steals Keys to Outlet, Drags Manager

Sometimes we get a bad cup of coffee. Some of us even, occasionally, make a bad brew, and when that time comes, most people would take the rough with the smooth and act in a civilised and adult manner.

Not for one Gasuel Perez who is currently facing a police investigation after being charged with failing to remain at a crash that involved an injury.

The event occurred in the early hours, just before 5am, at Gainesville brand of the fast-food retailer McDonald’s. It is alleged that Mr. Pereze became upset over being served what he determined to be a poor cup of coffee.

The authorities confirmed to the local Florida press that Perez then stole the keys to the outlet that were hanging on a hook nearby and made an attempted getaway as he burst towards his vehicle that was parked outside.

The manager of the McDonald’s store made an attempt to chase Perez, reaching the car and holding onto the frame of the car’s door, Officer Ben Tobias of the Gainesville Police Department relayed.

Witnesses claim that as Perez sped off, he dragged the store manager a short distance through the car park. The manager was subsequently taken to a local hospital where she was treated for a number of minor injuries such as cuts and bruises to various parts of her body, according to the police report.

The police also state that Perez was apprehend a short distance away and was immediately charged, being booked into Alachua County jail just before 7am when most people were rising and heading out for their own coffee run before work.

Interestingly, it doesn’t appear he has been charged with theft or attempted theft – that we know of at the moment.



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