Man Steals Laptop of Other Man Wanking in His Van in McDonald’s Parking Lot, Also Stabs Wanker

Officers responded to a call about an injured person around 9 a.m. Friday at the McDonald’s near 25th Street and Bell Road and found a man stabbed in the chest and neck, according to records filed in Dreamy Draw Justice Court.

The man told police that Brandin Stapleton, 37, had stolen his laptop from inside the restaurant when he momentarily stepped away to the parking lot to smoke a cigarette, according to court documents. The man quickly located Stapleton on 25th Street after he discovered that his laptop was gone.

When the man followed Stapleton down the street and asked for his laptop back, Stapleton allegedly stabbed him in the chest and neck area.

The injured man returned to McDonald’s and received medical attention.

Stapleton’s wife, who was also at the restaurant, told police that she and Stapleton had witnessed the man watching a video on his laptop and masturbating in his van about a week earlier. She said that several children were in the area, and they didn’t know what to do.

She told police they were standing outside the McDonald’s and smoking a cigarette when they recognized man from the van. She said her husband approached the man and said he was going to take his laptop because it had child pornography on it.

At this time, Stapleton’s wife said she left to use the restroom and did not know what happened next, according to the documents.



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