Man Impersonates Cop to Get Free McDonald’s Meals; Gets Busted

A Pinellas County man is facing some greasy justice for allegedly impersonating a police officer to getfree food at McDonald’s this past Friday.

Joseph E. Pineda, 33, pulled up to the drive-thru at a St. Petersburg McDonald’s and placed his order followed by the explanation that he didn’t have his wallet and wanted his food free of charge, according to a Pinellas County Sheriff’s media release.

Pineda then pulled around to the store window and spoke with the manager, telling him that he didn’t have his wallet because he just returned from a “sting”. The report claims that Pineda then flashed a badge to the McDonald’s manager and showed him a gun through the drive-thru, as a way to convince the fast food manager that he was in fact a cop.

McDonald’s employees must have smelled something foul, because they immediately called 911, which dispatched officers to the scene while Pineda patiently waited for his food in the drive-thru lane.

Deputies asked Pineda to exit the vehicle several times but he reportedly refused to obey officers, who eventually pulled their guns and forced the suspected hamburglar to exit his vehicle.

The report states that Pineda had two police badges in his possession as well as a .45 caliber weapon.

Pineda, who measures in at 6’2” and 330 pounds, was arrested and charged with felony impersonating a police officer and a misdemeanor charge of improper exhibition of a firearm. He was released from the Pinellas County jail on Sunday, on a $10,500 surety bond.

Imagine how many things he could have purchased from the Dollar menu with $10K bond.



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