Man Arrested Ice Cream in Hand at McDonald’s Parking Lot

A man who just bought an ice cream cone at McDonald’s was stopped by police investigating a report that people were doing drugs in the parking lot.

Jeffrey K. Madsen, 22, of the 15500 block of Eamon Court, Manhattan, was charged with possession of a controlled substance, according to an Orland Park police report.

An officer saw a woman walking from a purple car parked at about 4 p.m. on May 20, in a parking lot at McDonald’s, 14445 LaGrange Rd., according to the report. Police were called a short time earlier to the fast food joint by witnesses who said man and a woman were shooting up in a purple car parked in the lot. The officer followed the woman inside and watched as she spoke with a man who was standing by the bathroom.

The two people were asked to step outside and, after getting the ice cream cones they ordered and followed the officer back to the parking lot, according to the report.

During the conversation, the officer asked why witnesses would call police to say they saw someone injecting drugs in the parking lot, according to the report. At one point the man reached into his sock and handed the officer a plastic bag that contained five small blue plastic baggies, each with white powder inside, police said.

Madsen was arrested and searched, the report states. Police reportedly found a hypodermic needle in his front pocket. The woman was let go.

After Madsen was taken to the Orland Park Police Department, police conducted a field test on the white powder. It showed a positive result for the presence of heroin.



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