Guy Gets Busted for DWI Twice in One Day at Same McDonald’s

(NEWSER) – Let’s just say Zachary J. Boynton may have really, really wanted some McDonald’s. The 31-year-old New York man was arrested on DWI charges twice in the same morning, at the same Oneonta McDonald’s, WKTV reports. Police first arrested him at 12:56am last Sunday after he allegedly hit the car ahead of him in the drive-thru, and charged him with DWI after finding his BAC to be 0.25—more than three times the legal limit, WTSPreports. A sober person came to pick him up, and police probably thought they’d seen the last of him for the day.

But they were wrong: They had to arrest him again at 5:16am, when he allegedly hit the building with his car and fled the scene. Police found his damaged car outside his home and he was once again arrested and then released to a sober person—after being treated for injuries sustained when he allegedly hit the McDonald’s. This wasn’t Boynton’s first brush with the law: He wasalso arrested on suspicion of DWI, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct back in November. (In 2010, something very similar happened to a Wyoming man.)



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