Four Busted in Scam at LSU Student Union McDonald’s

Four employees of the McDonald’s in the Student Union weren’t lovin’ it when they were arrested Wednesday and another is expected to be arrested today for involvement in a scheme, likely lasting more than a year, involving felony theft, said LSU Police Department spokesman Capt. Cory Lalonde.

The suspects, all employees at the time of the thefts and some managers, allegedly overcharged students on their Tiger Cards through the Paw Points system before pocketing the difference. LSUPD suspects the scheme may have lasted longer than a year, but the restaurant’s record system only dates back one year, Lalonde said.

Although The Advocate reported the scheme resulted in the theft of $30,000, Lalonde was unable to confirm that figure.

He said the initial investigation began in October 2013, when the Student Union received an anonymous tip. McDonald’s looked at discrepancies in transactions, eventually confirming the thefts, and LSUPD secured warrants for the arrest of five individuals.



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