Drunk Man Attempts to Order a Ride Home from McDonald’s Drive Thru, Can’t Find Pants

AMESBURY — A McDonald’s clerk working the drive-thru window early yesterday received an order she won’t likely forget: A drunken Ipswich man wearing only underwear, sneakers and a shirt banged on her window and demanded service, according to local police.

But instead of ordering a Big Mac or fries, Keith Martel, 48, of 13 Southern Manor, yelled at her to call 911 so he could get a ride back home. What Martel got instead was a ride to the School Street police station where, unable to come up with bail, he spent the night, according to court documents.

After sobering up enough to appear in court, Martel pleaded guilty to a single disorderly charge and was fined $50. A blood alcohol test conducted shortly before his arrest showed that Martel’s blood alcohol level was .219, nearly three times the legal limit for driving.

According to officer Charles Sciacca’s report, Martel stumbled to the drive-thru window of the Route 110 eatery shortly before 2 a.m. and began banging on the glass. The startled attendant refused to open the window, telling police she was frightened.

“Martel stated he was banging on the window in an effort to get home to Ipswich,” Sciacca writes in his report.

Sciacca described Martel as being completely incoherent and struggling to hold a conversation. Eventually, he was able to relay that he spent time that night in a hotel room with a woman.

“However, he was unable to tell us how he got here or where his pants were,” Sciacca said.

Source: http://m.newburyportnews.com/TDNN/pm_103107/contentdetail.htm?contentguid=lxohj9B0


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