California McDonald’s Manager Robs Own Store With Fake Gun

A McDonald’s manager has allegedly confessed to robbing his own restaurant after being arrested in connection with two holdups of the fast-food chain.

Felix Jeronimo Gonzalez-Becerra, from Oakland, California, was pulled over by police after the San Mateo branch of the fast-food company was robbed at gunpoint.

Staff were forced into the freezers while the masked, gun-wielding robber stole cash from the restaurant, at around 10.30pm September 2.

According to local news service Pleaston Patch, the suspect then fled the scene in a dark coloured Chrysler PT Cruiser.

A police officer pulled over a vehicle matching that description after he spotted it approaching the San Mateo Bridge.  

Driver Gonzalez-Becerra, 42, was arrested and officers recovered money, a replica handgun, a backpack and a black hoodie, the news service said.

The robbery bore similarities to a masked, armed raid on Pleasaton McDonald’s, California, five days earlier. This is the branch where Gonzalez-Becerra is the manager.

The robber also forced the employees into the freezer, according to the LA Times.



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