Big n’ Testy: Drunk Lady Flips Out; Attacks Workers

OCTOBER 23–Displeased with the service at a McDonald’s drive-thru window, a Pennsylvania woman allegedly assaulted the eatery’s manager, tore the headset off another worker, and then fled, drunkenly, in her Chevy Cavalier, cops report.

Chrystina Kocher, 41, was apprehended shortly after the 3 AM confrontation Saturday at the restaurant in Susquehanna Township.

Kocher, who failed field sobriety tests, “was unhappy with the service at McDonald’s drive thru,” police said, so she “entered the business and slapped a manager.” Joseph Seiders, the McDonald’s night manager, had his glasses knocked off by the blow, according to a criminal complaint.

After clocking Seiders, Kocher accosted and shoved worker Tamira Cooper, who was separated from her “drive through headset” during the scuffle. Kocher, who “yelled threatening language” to the employees, “had to be removed from the lobby.”

Susquehanna Township Police Department officers subsequently collared Kocher (at the wheel of her car) and charged her with drunk driving, harassment, criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct.

Kocher is scheduled for a December 28 preliminary hearing in District Court.

Police report at source:


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