Another Old Man Busted McLovin’ It at McDonald’s

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla.- Lee County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Spencer Toner, 79, Thursday for allegedly masturbating in the parking lot of McDonald’s, located at 28215 S. Tamiami Trail.

A deputy was dispatched to the restaurant after a complaint of a man sitting in an older model, black, Mercedes Benz watching pornography and touching himself.

According to the arrest report, the deputy spotted the vehicle in question and walked up to the driver’s side window. There, he could plainly see Toner was watching pornography on a small laptop. One hand was operating the computer, while the other was occupied underneath the device.

The deputy knocked on the window. At that time, Toner quickly shut the laptop and asked, “Can I help you?” The deputy could see the suspect’s pants were unbuttoned and a rag was sitting in between his legs. The deputy asked what business Toner had at McDonald’s, to which he answered, “I’m here to get a bite to eat.”

Toner reportedly told the deputy he was homeless and was living out of his car.

The complainant told the deputy there were children around Toner’s car. Toner was confronted, but he told the complainant his privacy was being invaded, which is when deputies were called.

Toner was trespassed from the McDonald’s, and his vehicle was towed.

The deputy arrested Toner for indecent exposure in public.




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